Decorating my classroom is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing about the Back to School season! I spend 8 PLUS hours in my classroom every day so I want it to be a place, an environment, that makes ME happy, as well as my students.

If you’re looking for classroom decoration ideas or classroom inspiration , I hope you’re able to get some decor ideas for your elementary classroom! Feel free to pin any of the images to your Pinterest boards! Happy Decorating!

Tropical Classroom Decor

Some of the classroom decor that you’ll see here are from my Tropical Classroom Decor Set.

Classroom Decor Ideas

This is the view of my room when you walk in..

This is the view from my teacher desk (from the back of the room)..

My classroom library

My Guided Math and Guided Reading table. My Guided Math rotation board isn’t all the way up yet! Oops hehe! I hadn’t finished laminating all of the pieces.
The 7 Habits posters are from Amy Groesbeck!
Student Mailboxes…The absolute best purchase I ever made for my classroom!
Writing Process Bulletin Board
Schedule, Classroom Rules, Finished Work Basket, Work in Progress Basket, Other Labels
STEM Table {Think Outside the Box}
Birthday Bags

I’m a bit neurotic/OCD and don’t like scraps all over the tables or floor, or students walking back and forth to the trash can… so anytime my students are working on interactive notebooks, cut and paste math activities, or crafts, I place a tub on each of their tables for them to place their scraps in. You can grab them for free here if you’re interested or a bit OCD like me !

I set up a photo booth for Open House. It was so fun meeting my students and taking pictures with them! I got this idea from Teach Create Motivate.
Photo Booth Props
This is where I will post Student Work.
Word Wall is set up and ready to go!
Love these posters from Teaching and so Fourth