Are you looking for facts on Thanksgiving or November themed facts that will spark curiosity in your students and leave them wanting to know more about that particular topic? I’m always looking for ways to spark interest and curiosity in my classroom, and I do so through sharing fun facts with my students. My students call me the Queen of Fun Facts! When they’ve learned a new, fun & interesting fact, this causes them to ASK QUESTIONS and WANT to find the answers to their questions–and many of my students do this through reading books. And we know…The more you read, the more things you know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

Curiosity leads to an eagerness for learning and that’s exactly how I want my students to feel about learning! When kids are curious, they LOVE to learn. And when our kids love learning, teachers are happy. And a happy teacher is the BEST teacher. And the best teacher inspires their students. And students inspired by their teachers WILL do amazing things and change the world.


Now that you are ready to spark curiosity in your students, let me share some fun facts with you!

Facts on Thanksgiving

Here are some fun facts to share with your students in the month of November.


There’s a catch.

These fun facts on Thanksgiving are all jumbled up. Do you think you can Unravel the Facts?

Keep scrolling to try it out.

{P.S. Your students can “unravel” them by solving the math problems!}

Try Unraveling these Facts on Thanksgiving


This fun fact about astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, has been revealed!


Try to unravel another fun fact on Thanksgiving. I found this fact about Benjamin Franklin pretty cool and quite surprising!


Try to unravel this fact about hens and turkeys.


Female turkeys (called hens) do not gobble. Only male turkeys gobble. I literally had no idea!


Here are Some Other November Facts

I also share other November themed facts with my students. If you’re loving this “unraveling” fact challenge, try a few more facts below. These fun facts have to do with National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month, which happens to be November, of course.

Try unraveling this fact about two U.S. Presidents.

Can you unravel this fact about astronaut, Alan Shepard? My 3rd graders solved the 3 digit addition problems, cut out the strips, then placed them in order from least to greatest. Once they did this, the fact about Alan Shepard was revealed!

If you’re dying to know what the facts are, all of these facts, including many others, can be found in my November Unravel the Fact Units.

This fact has to do with Antarctica. My students practice place value by identifying the place of the digits {up to 6 digit numbers}, then once they’ve answered all questions and placed the numbers in the box {the answers} in order from least to greatest, the fact about Antarctica is revealed!

How Do These No Prep Puzzles Work?

I use these math worksheet puzzles with my students during our math block, during their independent math rotation. They are engaged because they aren’t just having to solve the math problems.. then be done with it…they get to solve the math problems with the PURPOSE of finding out the fun fact and learning something new! They really look forward to solving the problems, putting the strips in order, and reading the fun fact.

But, how does it work? Students solve the math problems, put the answers in order from least to greatest, then once they’ve done this, a fun fact is revealed. It’s that simple, yet so much fun! {and no prep on your part!}

Want More November Fun Facts To Try With Your Students?

I’d love for you to try these out with your students! You can find a 2nd Grade version and 3rd grade version in my TeachersPayTeachers store! Grab the links below.

Click here for 2nd Grade.

Click here for 3rd Grade.

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