reading response graphic organizers for reading response questions

How do you have your students respond to reading?  What reading response questions do you ask your students?  Do you use reading response graphic organizers? I am a GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS girl for sure.

There’s tons of research on the use of Thinking Maps, Graphic Organizers, etc. and how it’s extremely effective in helping children organize their thoughts and UNDERSTAND what they are reading.

I am really excited because I just finished my Common Core Reading Response Pages pack for 2nd grade! This resource is going to be really helpful and I am super excited about using these next week during my guided reading groups! They’re definitely going to help keep my guided reading groups organized and effective.

Each of these sheets is aligned to the 2nd Grade Common Core Literature Standards and I’ve posted the standard in the top right corner. This is great for when I’m pulling reading response questions and activities that align to the common core standard I need to teach for that week AND it’s great for administration to see! Boom.

These reading response graphic organizers can also be used for students to fill out during Independent Reading time or Daily 5’s Work on Writing time when they’re working on answering reading response questions or prompts  –since the common core is BIG on writing about reading.

I also plan to use these during WHOLE GROUP lessons for when I have a substitute. One of the easiest things for me when planning for a sub…is providing him or her with a read-aloud, then an accompanying reading response graphic organizer page. Super, super easy. And when I’m out sick or home with my sick girls, I NEED EASY. 🙂

reading response graphic organizers for answering reading response questions
Here are just a couple of the pages from the Reading Response Graphic Organizers pack!
reading response graphic organizers for answering reading response questions
reading response graphic organizers for answering reading response questions
reading response graphic organizers for answering reading response questions

reading response graphic organizers for answering reading response questions

reading response graphic organizers for answering reading response questions

reading response graphic organizers for answering reading response questions

reading response graphic organizers for answering reading response questions

reading response graphic organizers for answering reading response questions

I hope you find these graphic organizers for your guided reading groups helpful!

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69 Comments on Reading Response Questions for 2nd Grade

  1. This is WONDERFUL and would help me so, so much with the transition to the CCSS with my 2nd graders. This is a huge transition year with our district and I'm just trying to keep my head above water. These would definitely cover some of those standards that I have NO idea how to assess! Thanks so, so much!!


  2. This is such a wonderful packet that will help so many students understand Common Core better. Thank you so much for your hard work!

  3. I am a newly hired instructional coach in a K-5 building. I am working with different teachers on Ask/Answer questions, Daily 5, and Writing instruction. I am excited to see this pack will fit the mold of all three areas of focus. I will be coming back to your blog for more great ideas. I have taught kindergarten for 16 years so looking at lots of different resources to assist teachers K-5.

  4. NEED this so very much!!!!! Just put back into the classroom after doing RTI reading with small groups for four years, so I desperately need this!

  5. This would be great for a center activity in my reading class. While I'm working with a small group, I will have a group that is working in centers and another group completing seat work. I would so appreciate a copy of your materials listed above.

  6. This is just what I am looking for! I have a very low bunch this year and they need help with learning the elements of a story and organizing their thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Hi,
    I like how unique and creative you are and I'd love to use your great resource for teaching Narrative Writing to my students.

  8. I am always looking for great ideas to impact my students desire to know about what they are reading while they are reading. Thanks for the sharing this great idea!!!

  9. I would love to try out your resources with my students. The are inspiring and extremely child friendly. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Great resource that will be used very effectively! I would be grateful to you if I could have this pack for free. Thanks for creating these documents for our wonderful students.

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  12. I am a long-term substitute for second grade and I can see using this packet for the remainder of the year to practice for DRA

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