Today was the day I started my wedding reception venue hunt! I wasn’t feeling overwhelmed this morning but after visiting two venues, I’m feeling like I will NEVER find a venue that I’m in love with!  But, I’m reminding myself that it’s only the beginning and I have another tour scheduled for Thursday AND Friday! Thursday I will be going to Fords Colony Clubhouse and Friday I will be going to the New Kent Winery, keep your fingers crossed!!! 

Should I be freaking out so early??! My tentative dates are May 25/26, 2013…so I still have some time.  If you’ve recently planned a wedding or remember what it was like planning your wedding, I would LOVE to hear your comments and some encouragement. 🙂
I’d also like to share my Time Vocabulary Word Wall Cards cards for your Math Word Wall. Just like a sight word/word study word wall, kids definitely need a math wall to refer to for math vocabulary! 

 I also have Money Word Wall cards (mentioned in a previous blog post) that you can get for free HERE!

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