Hello there! My name is Nesli. I am third year teacher and will be teaching 2nd grade next year! I’ve taught 1st and 3rd grade and so I am SUPER excited to be going to 2nd! Some other exciting news…I am ENGAGED! I’ve been dating my fiance (I can say that now!) for 7 years, since high school, and now we are engaged! I’ve started this blog to share my exciting adventures of wedding planning and teaching ideas/resources! Oh, I’m a little bit of a shopaholic (hence the name “The Teacher Wears Prada” :). So, you may be hearing about this as well! I hope you will follow my blog to keep up with all of the fun! Have a blessed day!


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  1. Thanks Teaching Fashionista! I love your blog name too! Thanks for stopping my by blog! Check out my facebook page too and leave a comment so I can enter you in my Monthly Giveaway!

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